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What are the steps for the project?


Map all living units, roads, and utility infrastructure  

  • Charter contractor(s) find and precisely map (GPS) roads, driveways, utility poles, and utility boxes, drops, transformers, switches, etc.


Develop a design and do engineering for deploying fiber-optic lines that will bring service to all PI living units  

  • Design & field verification

  • Engineering  

  • Permitting from State, County, Municipality, DNR  


Purchase the material and hire contractor(s) to install fiber optic  

  • Contractor notifies residents before working in their area (door tag)  

  • Contractor installs fiber with a drop (access point) for each living unit along the road or highway  

  • Installed fiber is spliced, activated and tested; quality control of all construction


Charter hands completed installations to their sales, billing, & customer support units to engage customers and initiate service. Outreach to PI residents to market Spectrum services (phone, TV, internet, etc)

  • Mailings  

  • Phone calls  

  • Internet email / advertising  

  • Door tags  

  • Direct sales


Customer signs up for service:  

Charter schedules and arranges installation of fiber across their property from street drop to outside of residence  

  • Charter technician connects to residence, activates, and tests line 

  • Billing begins

  • Spectrum activates Maintenance and Service Mode to provide customer support

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