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Mid-Winter Update

With the completion of the contract between the Public Service Commission and Spectrum in late November, the Broadband Committee is now working with Spectrum to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will document the relationship between the Town and Spectrum as we proceed with the installation of fiber-optic broadband infrastructure throughout Presque Isle.

The MOU will define how the Town will work with Spectrum during the design, construction, and deployment phases of the project. For example, Spectrum will want information and the Town’s assistance in expediting permits and easements. Similarly, the Town will want information from Spectrum such as:

  • review of their design and construction plans as they are developed and finalized

  • regular project status updates, especially once installation work is underway

  • regular updates as installation is completed in sections of the Town and Spectrum has “lit-up” service to properties

The Broadband Committee is also working with Spectrum to finalize the payment schedule for the Town's $1.2M share of the project’s cost. Both the MOU and the payment schedule will be presented to the Town Board for review and approval.

Until the snow melts and the ground thaws, there will not be a lot of construction activity, so we have time to get the MOU done without delaying the project. More to come!


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