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Pretty much everywhere you turn in Presque Isle, you will see trucks and workers bringing high speed internet to the Town this year. We first starting working on this project in 2019, so it has been a long and winding road to get to this point.

Some of you may have heard of "Moore's Law," a prediction -- which has held true for quite a while -- that the chips that run personal computers double in power and halve in cost every couple years. There is another saying: "Backhoes don't obey Moore's Law." Digging trenches and laying cable does not happen overnight, but we are seeing progress throughout the Town. Some areas, like near Wildcat Lake, already have customers using the new services.

We have a new map of when sections of Town will be activated; look for that under "When will I get service?". We know that the map does not provide detail down to the road, but it does help set expectations.

We field a lot of questions each week, and have been updating the Q&A section of the website to address the most common ones. One subject folks often ask about is the steps Spectrum has to go through to get an area of the Town ready for customers. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Locating and marking the fiber route

  2. Obtaining easements from landowners when necessary

  3. Burying the orange conduit that protects the fiber in the ground

  4. Installing the green "pedestals" that tie the ends of the conduit together

  5. Running the actual fiber optic cable through the orange conduit

  6. Splicing the fiber optic cables together

  7. Restoration of the ground where work has been done

  8. Testing everything

  9. Activating a section of the Town for customers to request service

That is a lot of steps, and various Spectrum subcontractors do each one. So the orange tubes sticking out of the ground will disappear, green boxes will appear, and the ground will be restored. (But not in same week!)

We will keep updating this website with more information, so stay tuned!


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